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Start your task list here:

> Mark "Todo" items with a ">" at the beginning of the line, and the color will change to green. Other examples are:

+ Done

- Canceled

* Information

... Waiting on something else to be done before can continue.

! Important

? Question

Some important keyboard shortcuts:

* Alt+right to increase indent, alt+left to decrease indent. You can indent as much as you need to make subpoints of subpoints, etc.

* Ctrl+S to save current note (if you're logged in).

* Enter will behave as it usually does, but Shift+Enter will always add a new line just below the current line without breaking at the current location.

Some extra notes:

* This particular page is designed for a desktop computer.

* There is a mobile-optimized version available when you're logged in.

* A video showing MondoNotes can be found here: https://youtu.be/8-to0Kiup6s. (The coloring is a little different because it's an older version.)

Please do not put sensitive information in these lists like social security numbers or credit card numbers!